How to get your Sensitivity and Intolerance Test


Complete the
Test submission form

Go to the Test submission form page, located in the main navigation.

Complete the test submission form, making sure that you fill in all the required information.

Print out your completed test submission form. You’ll be sending this in with your hair sample.


Collect your hair sample

Our laboratory can test any hair sample, so if the hair on your head is too short, use body hair. There is no need to wash your hair, and hair dye does not influence the test results.

Collect your hair sample by cutting as closely to the scalp as possible.

  • If your hair is longer than one inch, cut off 4-5 hairs.
  • For hair shorter than 1 inch, cut off 8-10 hairs.

Place your hair sample in a small sealable plastic bag and label it with your FIRST and LAST NAME.


Send in your envelope
for testing

Place both the hair sample in the labelled small sealable bag and the completed test submission form in a secure mailing envelope.

Make sure the correct postage has been paid for the envelope. Send the samples to our lab. We will e-mail you your results within 14-28 days.